We are a Technology Company solving the world’s biggest Challenge….,

the Movement of Currency Securely.

Our firm maintains key technology-sharing Partnerships with Financial Institutions, Regulatory Agencies, and other Technology Companies.  Our Founders have deep roots in Entrepreneurial Success, both in General Business and in Technology.  Our Understanding of the Dimensions of the Business Community allows us to Design and Promote an accessible Ecosystem that is Open and Straightforward.

Our Mission

DirecFunds plans to provide a secure means for all parties involved in real estate transactions to process and transmit funds in the most technologically expeditious manner possible; to be known for product innovation and excellence, enabling our clients to realize greater efficiencies and better manage and mitigate risk.

Our Ecosystem

DirecFunds is a leading Payment Solution Technology Company that is solving Business’s most complex Challenges.


Financial Institutions


DirecFunds Ecosystem


Provide a Safe and Secure Method of Moving Currency in any major financial transaction

Financial Institutions

Solving the Challenge of Wire Fraud and other Security Issues in the Movement of Currency


Providing a simple and easy to use software platform that takes little time and effort to Use

Dan Orner, Founder and CEO of DirecFunds.com

Our Founder’s Vision is led by his instincts to Go To Market with Technology that completes the Digital Integration of any Property Closing. It was this Vision that helped Dan create his first successful Digital Start Up eLynx Corporation.  eLynx was the first secure digital software property closing document platform that moved electronic files between Banks, Realtors and Title Agencies. eLynx was eventually purchased by a New York Based Private Equity and then sold during 2019 to Fidelity Insurance Corporation for over a half billion dollars.

Today DirecFunds.com’s products vertically integrates the Property Closing process for the first time in history. It was well stated in a Forbes Magazine 2019 article; “Consumers start the house buying process with Zillow online and then after they complete their Home Buying Research the entire process bogs down into a mess of paperwork.” 

DirecFunds.com’s products not only solves Real Estate’s largest challenges, but also is a Digital Solution for most of the world’s secure movement of currency.